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Notice to that fierce flood wooden god Wei Jian Qi is suddenly stopped the offensive pace, stretching from the huge hand, blocking from above flood swept torrent swept Jian Qi, also in it was like a dead wood giant palm left a deep scar, although this wooden guard God indeed has a strong defense force, can Luo Luo glass sword, is obviously not able to easily withstand down. wholesale nike nfl jerseys supply In the body of the animal husbandry and dust, as long as the flesh exist, there is fire in the blood that filled the air, blood and fire adhered to the flesh, burning between Chi Chi, which horizontal full of strength and vitality of the flesh, but also as if with a life in general in the rapid beating, and their volume, as if the blood is in that fire burning under a little narrow with. Such a long time, if at the moment is that terrible burning pain, how terrible this really need perseverance and patience? Xu Yi Tan shortage they palpitations, heart also has a number conceal his admiration pouring out, ordinary people saw dust, animal husbandry, they have the kind of impressive power, but who knows, in order that power, they pay what this world power on, no reason not come." Dust, animal husbandry, Wu also looked a little surprised graceful one, apparently also does not understand why the latter would abandon this can really cause trouble for his cooperation. wholesale jerseys supply This is a very old huge monuments. wholesale football jerseys supply Dust, animal husbandry, joyful hearts, quickly Baoquan Road.

This time Chen Qing, no doubt become a target of public criticism. wholesale nfl jerseys supply Before the dust and animal husbandry become death-like head, in fact, he is met with Luo glass side, then she is also in the siege by a group of people difficult to kill, and at that time he also met with Luo glass , but then, he was just far watching this scene, because his reason tells him that the road see injustice of things, among spiritual path quite stupid, but this is not what he softhearted person, Nature can not no reason to save people, then let get himself in danger. "Angela, you know, animal husbandry and dust captain? He has nothing to offend your place? Maybe misunderstood I say it enough. He can not forget that at the time when he was just into the spiritual path, and found the first man, or that this is the first opponent named Wu Yingying female madman, he was quite profound memories for the latter, because When he appeared, exactly in front of a stream, the stream does not fish, but it has a naked, white jade-like Little Mermaid. They chose the sixth floor.

ACBA Wei seems certain at this time aware of the danger, actually regardless of Los offensive glass, like a giant fist roaring mountain Usually, terrible force, blast the air, so that was a little space is distorted. If it is on the outside, you can run spiritual power, even if they are numerous, but still not have the slightest dust, animal husbandry of fear, can now ��. "Star, Samsung broken days. Those who master heard his side, suddenly shouted shall drink, they are all bad eyes staring at the dust, animal husbandry, under Yisha stature storm swept out of spiritual power swept majestic rooms, I saw between heaven and earth have spiritual power Pentium, dozens of mountain-like enough to shatter Pilian spiritual power swept through, dust, animal husbandry straight away.

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